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Santa Barbara and Ventura County beaches have been eroding for many years
because sand mining, dams, and debris basins have cut off the natural supply of sand
to the coast. This ongoing beach erosion destroys marine habitat, reduces recreational
beach space and threatens coastal property and structures. The proposed project is to
establish a beach enhancement program for south central coast beaches by developing
procedures and obtaining permits to allow beach-compatible sediments that may be
available from debris basins, landslides, dams, wetlands, rivers, and lagoon mouths to
be used for routine beach nourishment purposes. Frequently, opportunities arise to
nourish local beaches with sediments from construction projects such as debris basin
cleanouts, landslide cleanups, construction grading, and dam decommissionings.
However, most opportunities are lost because regulatory permits for coastal sediment
disposal may take many months to receive approval.
BEACON is a joint-powers agency consisting of the Counties of Ventura and Santa
Barbara and the Cities of Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, San BuenaVentura, Oxnard and
Port Hueneme.  BEACON proposes to establish a long-term beach enhancement
program so that sediment from opportunistic sources can be used to nourish eroded
beaches. Protocols will be established to prevent adverse environmental impacts to
designated receiver beaches, and criteria will be developed to determine that sediment
is compatible with receiver beaches. Once sand has been placed on a receiver site,
waves will move it down coast, benefiting all beaches east of the receiver site.
This report describes the biological resources in the BEACON project area and
analyzes the potential effects of the proposed project on those resources. Section 1.2
below briefly describes the proposed project.  Section 2.0 describes the existing
biological resources. Section 3.0 analyzes the impacts of BEACON's proposed beach
enhancement program.  Section 4.0 summarizes monitoring, habitat protection, and
BEACON proposes to implement a program to pursue opportunities for obtaining
suitable beach sand for placement at selected beach sites for erosion control and
recreational benefits. The six beach enhancement sites are Goleta Beach and Ash
Avenue in Santa Barbara County and Oil Piers, Surfer's Point, Oxnard Shores and
Hueneme Beach in Ventura County (Figure 1-1 and 1-2).
The program is designed to capitalize on opportunities to obtain beach-quality sand
from flood control debris basins, landslides, construction projects, dam removal
activities, wetlands restoration and harbor dredging when it becomes available. The
objective is to streamline the permit process for implementing beach-fill projects for the
overall purposes of:
3208 Bio Report


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