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As future actions of this program BEACON proposes to prepare and implement a set of
guidelines, and prepare a compliance protocol document.
A set of guidelines will be prepared and submitted for use by local agencies to assess beach fill
opportunities for suitability as opportunistic sand and to implement projects. The guidelines will
be prepared in the form of a handout that can be given to the general public. The handout will
describe the goals and rationale for the program and the procedure needed to determine the
compatibility of potential borrow site sediments. A checklist may also be developed for local
agency staff to use in assessing material sources as they come on-line through the project
application process. A copy of the checklist is attached as Appendix C to this report.
The guidelines will specify acceptable material criteria such as grain size, percent fines, color,
chemistry, compaction properties, particle shape, content, and require information of land use
history of the site and adjacent sites, the depositional environment, material location, and
quantity. The guidelines will also be instructions to local agency staff to use in reviewing potential
sand opportunities. It will be geared toward enabling the layperson to identify a candidate source
for opportunistic sand that can be further reviewed by BEACON staff as needed and presented to
permit agencies.
When a nourishment project is proposed or carried out, BEACON will need a protocol to verify
compliance with permit requirements. The compliance protocol document will be prepared to
serve as a set of instructions to local agency staff of how to carry out a project and remain
consistent with permit requirements.  Permit conditions may change over time and the
compliance protocol document may need to be a "living" document that is periodically updated
over the life of the program.
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