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Timing and Placement Rate
Placement at Hueneme Beach is proposed for Fall-Winter placement only (i.e., between
September 15 and March 15) because of it's proximity to least tern and snowy plover nesting
areas (See Appendix B). For the same reasons as outlined for Oxnard Shores beach fill site,
Spring-Summer placement at a location adjacent to nesting areas it is not recommended.
Therefore, it is proposed to avoid potential impacts to least terns and snowy plovers and place
sand during the Fall-Winter months when beach fill construction will not have an impact.
For each design concept, the post-construction beach fill profile will be steeper than the pre-
construction beach profile, but will naturally evolve toward an equilibrium average nearshore
slope which is a function of sediment and wave characteristics.  While the concept designs in
this report specify that construction profiles are approximately 15:1 or 10:1, the beach fill will
naturally disperse over a wider portion of the beach and nearshore zone resulting in a flatter
profile. Flattening of the slope and profile adjustment causes reduction of the berm width from
the post-construction profile. Figure 3-19 illustrates this concept. Although sand may move
away from the profile by waves and currents, the concept design profiles shown in this report
represent the maximum envelope of sand placement across the beach for purposes of permitting.
The level of protection afforded by the additional beach area after natural profile adjustment may
remain approximately the same as that provided immediately after beach fill construction. This
occurs because water depths will decrease in the nearshore zone causing waves to break farther
from shore, reducing wave runup elevations at the beach from pre-project conditions.
Periodic re-grading of the post-construction beach fill may be required to minimize scarping.
Bulldozers can be used to reduce a vertical scarp, which may form as waves rework the seaward
edge of the beach fill slope.
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