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This section describes each of the six beach fills and their respective designs. The descriptions of
proposed beach fills outline the site-specific information of each beach fill including volume of
material, grain size of acceptable materials, beach fill designs which may be suitable for each
site, and sand placement rate and timing.  Each of the six beach fill sites have unique
characteristics including location relative to environmental resources and wetland outlets, beach
usage, and beach profile configuration. Therefore, each site will be described independently.
The Goleta Beach fill site (Figure 3-1) is located in the Goleta Beach County Park at 5986
Sandspit Road, Goleta in Santa Barbara County. Goleta is located north of the City of Santa
Barbara. The County Park provides numerous recreational activities including swimming,
sunbathing, surfing, fishing from the Goleta Pier, boating, a children's playground, and dining at the
Beachside Caf and snack bar. The Park also includes several public restrooms, parking areas,
structures used for storage of Park equipment and vehicles, and residential structures that are
occupied by the Park rangers.
The Southern California Gas Company maintains natural gas processing, distribution, and
storage facilities on the property located east and north of the site. Also, northwest of the site the
Santa Barbara Municipal Airport is maintained by the City of Santa Barbara. West of the site,
the land is developed with facilities and structures associated with the University of California at
Santa Barbara. South of the site is the Pacific Ocean. The Goleta Beach fill site is located west
of the Goleta Slough. During wet weather episodes, the Slough discharges into the Pacific Ocean
and is a source of sediment to the littoral cell. Recently, this site has experienced serious erosion
and a temporary rock revetment was constructed to protect the upland area. This rock revetment
was removed in November 2000 and a winter sand dike was constructed to offer protection to the
upland area.
Proposed Quantity and Quality of Beach Fill Material
The plan view of the proposed Goleta Beach fill is shown in Figure 3-2. The plan shows a beach
fill length of approximately 2,200 feet extending east to the pier. The volume of material
proposed for this site is approximately 100,000 cy per year. The maximum volume at this site
was determined by analyzing the beach profile configuration and designing a "best-fit" beach fill
on the existing profile with consideration of environmental resources. The "best-fit" beach fill
design starts near the MLLW elevation, with a 10:1 or 15:1 slope to an elevation slightly lower
than the back beach, then a flat berm surface to the existing back beach. This outlines the cross-
section of the beach fill and is applied to the distance of the beach fill to calculate a volume.
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