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Geographic location of placement;
Timing of placement (the timing of placement is controlled to minimize impacts to beach
use, wildlife feeding habits, and grunion spawning);
Controlled rate of placement or application to the surf zone to minimize turbidity;
Elevation of placement (either in-water or above-water on the beach, depending on
season, ocean conditions, material characteristics, and the existence of sensitive
Geometry of placement (including berm elevation, foreshore slope, shoreline advance
distance, and plan configuration of the placed material); and
Monitoring (program effects can be determined through monitoring).
Considerations 1 through 9 are addressed in Sections 2.0 (Agency Concerns) and Section 4.0
(Sand Sources), Items 10 and 11 are addressed in Section 3.0 (Beach Fill Characteristics and
Conceptual Design), and Item 12 is discussed in Section 5.0 (Monitoring). In addition, potential
sand sources are identified in Section 4.0 (Sand Sources) and Future Actions by BEACON in
Section 6.0 (Future Actions).
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