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Solana Beach Coastal Preservation Association
August 20, 1998
Project No. 1831
Page 51
nourishment provides both increased shoreline protection and recreational benefits. The
state of California=s tourism industry currently generates about $10 billion in annual
revenues, with most of the state=s tourism driven by coastal-related industries
(San Francisco State University, 1997). An ongoing commitment to beach nourishment
and capitalizing on available opportunistic sand sources will reduce coastal bluff erosion
and provide recreational beach opportunities that benefit the entire community.
Although a healthy beach nourishment project can essentially eliminate future shoreline
erosion, the reality is that 25+ million cubic yards of sand is necessary within the
Oceanside littoral cell to protect against storm-induced erosion. This sand would develop
a 200+ foot wide recreational/protective sand beach and recharge the nearshore sand
volume out to the seaward limit of reversible sediment movement (the Av@ in the Coastal
Commission=s Sand Mitigation fee equation). This level of required protective beach
nourishment would cost in excess of $125 million, along with an additional annualized
renourishment cost on the order of $2.5 million (320,000-cubic yards per year at $8/cubic
yard). The likelihood of this level of protective sand beach being in place prior to additional
bluff failures within Solana Beach is quite low and interim measures are necessary to
protect these fragile coastal bluffs from failures that would otherwise occur, significantly
altering the visual character of this coastal community prior to any long-term beach
renourishment program. The value of protective/recreational sand beaches cannot be
overemphasized, and this clearly represents the best long-term solution for protecting the
quality of this valuable natural resource for both the bluff-top homeowners and the
community of Solana Beach.


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